GYRO becomes a part of Nordic events agency Liwlig Group

“Liwlig’s expansion into Norway aligns perfectly with our vision of growing our presence in the Nordic region,” said Liwlig Group CEO Timo Aalto. “We have been highly impressed by Gyro’s endurance, especially through the pandemic, its professional approach, highly skilled professionals and their exceptional track record. This was most recently demonstrated in their organization of summit for NATO countries’ Foreign Ministers during the first week of June”

Gyro’s Chairman of the Board, Jomar Selvaag echoed this enthusiasm for the upcoming collaboration. “We are excited about joining forces with the leading event agency in the Nordics, Liwlig Group. We want to grow with our clients, and we see this partnership as an incredible opportunity to create synergies that will benefit our clients, employees, and the event industry as a whole. This is an exciting new chapter in Gyro’s illustrious history.”

Adding to this, the CEO of Gyro Trine Richardsen commented, “This union brings together two powerhouses in the event industry. It’s a remarkable opportunity for us to learn, grow, and accomplish great things together. We are optimistic about the extraordinary experiences we will bring to our clients as part of the Liwlig Group.”

“This acquisition comes on the heels of our very successful integration of 6.Sans, another leading Norwegian event company, in August of 2022. We continue to uphold the individual identities and operational independence of both 6.Sans and Gyro and commit to support both entities strongly,” highlights Liwlig Group CEO Timo Aalto

The Liwlig Group’s investment in Gyro reaffirms its commitment to bolstering its Nordic presence and providing unparalleled event experiences for its clients. This partnership is set to create a dynamic alliance, pushing boundaries in the events industry and marking a new era for event management in Norway. For more information: Timo Aalto CEO, Liwlig Group timo.aalto@liwlig.com +358 400 801 205 About Liwlig Group: Liwlig Group is the leading event agency in the Nordic region, known for its world-class event management services. With its recent strategic acquisitions, Liwlig continues to expand its presence and influence, creating remarkable event experiences for its clients across the Nordic region. After Gyro transaction, Liwlig Group has over 320 skilled employees and proforma turnover of over 110 M€ in 2023. Liwlig has offices in Oslo, Copenhagen, Goteborg, Stockholm, Helsinki and Tampere.

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