Your problem is more important than you think

In a room filled with two hundred employees, their CEO shared a touching story from his heart. Tears filled with both sorrow and hope were shed as he courageously shared a life-altering, horrific event. This vulnerable moment became a starting point for a journey towards an enchanting culture, woven with openness, honesty, and camaraderie.

A young guy, barely 20 years old, stood up on a chair in the grand banquet hall and yelled out when he spotted the person who had just stepped onto the stage. He then shared his thoughts and feelings as he explained that he felt proud and grateful to have an employer who truly understood him as an individual. Today, many years later, the 20-year-old guy is just over 30 years old and one of the top leaders in the same organization. Seeing the employees is one of his main areas of focus.

With a voice trembling with emotions, an employee accepted the award for Employee of the Year, while expressing her gratitude for the chance she had been given, as no one else saw the potential in her. This moment became a turning point in her life where self-awareness was awakened, and her own worth became clear and evident, even to herself.

When engagement and work morale hit rock bottom, we gathered the group for a three-day journey into the depths. The conversations were open and transparent, where every individual felt seen and heard. A spark ignited in the group, a spark that we have nurtured and that now burns strongly, filled with community, commitment, and hope for the future.

I can tell loads of similar stories where we as an agency have been involved in creating magical moments and experiences that have contributed to changes and decisions with long-term impact. It's an incredible feeling when you reflect on it.

And the cool thing is that all these moments have a common denominator: Understanding the core of the challenge. The problem.

Only when we identify the problem can we shape a solution. When we truly identify where the problem lies, we can create relevant content and design a context that makes the experience both strong and emotionally charged. And only then can it lead to the effects we strive for. Solutions to the problem, simply put.

Traditionally, many of us have been unwilling to share our challenges. We have kept them to ourselves, driven by fear, a desire not to appear weak, or simply because we have not been aware that we are facing a challenge. It's a natural human tendency deeply rooted in all of us.

But times are changing, and with them, our attitude towards openness in the workplace. We at EVENTYR NINE YARDS are now witnessing a growing trend where companies are breaking free from the restrictions of the past and instead embracing a culture where challenges are seen as opportunities for collaboration and innovation. By inviting insight and discussion about the obstacles we face, we have started to find more relevant solutions that lead to impact.

So let's continue on this path. Let us courageously share our difficulties and challenges because it is by doing so that we can construct effective solutions together. When we choose to be open, to show our cracks, and to collaborate, then we can create solutions that carry us forward, together.

In the openness and camaraderie we share lies the foundation for our greatest advancements and most significant changes.

/ Daniel da Silva Executive Creative Director, Eventyr Nine Yards (one of many problem solvers among us)

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