A season for talking

Now, that summer is approaching, it's starting to feel in the entire body. One of the things that gives me an extra thrill is the revelation of who will receive this year's most prestigious assignment. I am, of course, talking about participating in the Swedish radio show Summer with P1.

It is a fine tradition that gives us an insight into human fates and educates us in areas we would not otherwise come into contact with. All disguised in a delightful setting of flowers, hammocks, and leisure time. Almost tricking us into learning new things and understanding other people a little better. In my opinion, it's the finest lie one can engage in. But the show also makes me reflect on my life. What would my show be about?

In recent years, I've tried to make it a reflective exercise, to write my own script for the show. It gives a nice perspective on the past year, or maybe on life as it has been.

Because one of the strengths is that there is no formula that everyone has to follow. Some talk about an achievement, others about a phenomenon, someone tells their entire life story, and someone chooses to teach about something they are particularly passionate about. The framework is the length, and there must be a bit of music in between. The rest is up to the speaker.

As an internal communication concept, this is a fantastic tool. We have helped several of our clients create different versions, for example, a new CEO who is to be presented, or an entire management team that wants to get closer to the organization.

But, it's best when it's simply a mix of employees from different departments getting the chance to reach out. Often, you find amazing stories that spread the sense of pride throughout the organization while helping people get to know each other a bit better.

A one-hour program can of course feel a bit daunting, but why not give each team member 5 minutes to talk about something they are passionate about, and then conclude with their favorite song? I can promise you that everyone will feel a even more connected to the group after listening to each other's stories.

It's hard to write about summer talks without offering tips, even though it's always a bit risky. Personal opinions and the mood when listening play a big role. But I can't help myself. So here are 2 episodes from the radio show I've found myself returning to and listening to, again and again:

Fredrik Backman (Summer, 2017) - The author behind, among other things, "A Man Called Ove" dedicates his hour to talk about how to get better at creating in general and writing in particular. Fun, clever, and with hands-on tips.

Olof Wretling (Winter, 2019) - One of the best storytellers we have at the moment. In this talk, he performs a sort of theater from a spectacular train journey he's been on (or has he?). Pure entertainment. Olof has also been voted the listeners' favorite so many times that he has now appeared on the show eight different times, all worth listening to.

A season for talking


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