EVENTYR NINE YARDS is one of Sweden's top 10 strongest brands in the communications industry

For the fifteenth time, we have the honor of being nominated in the competition Agency of the Year. Additionally, for the second consecutive year, we are nominated in the prestigious category "Agency Image" along with nine other agencies in Sweden.

Agency of the Year, the competition organized by Regi, rewards communication agencies based on customer testimonials and experiences. The "Agency Image" category is an opportunity for clients to assess not only the agency they collaborate with but also the agency that creates the most positive associations and memories. The results indicate which agencies have made the strongest impression on the Swedish market over the past year. EVENTYR NINE YARDS is once again the only agency within Event and Brand Experience to place on this prestigious list.

"For us, brand building is an art that requires dedication and discipline. Visibility is the foundation. But it's also about standing out from the crowd by being distinct, relevant, and clear in everything we communicate. Ultimately, it's also about delivering consistently and at a high level in all our assignments. Being nominated again, especially when we see the other well-known nominees, fills me with immense pride," says Niclas Rahm, CCO of the agency.

He adds: "We are deeply grateful for these nominations and want to express our sincere gratitude to our clients, partners, colleagues, and friends. Your support and willingness to both challenge us and be challenged drive us forward. Together, we raise the bar!"

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