TAPAUS strengthens its market position in Sweden

Today, Nine Yards is one of the largest experiential marketing agencies in Sweden with offices in Göteborg and Stockholm. Nine Yards has been rewarded multiple times with nominations such as Gyllene Hjulet (an event award) and the Agency of the Year (Årets byrå) in Sweden. In addition, the company has long experience in providing comprehensive solutions in Brand Experience. Today, Nine Yards’ revenues is approximately €8.78 million, and it has many large companies as its customers, such as VW Group, Carlsberg, and Volvo. This acquisition strengthens significantly TAPAUS Group’s offering in Sweden. The group can together carry out even larger and more demanding customer projects going-forward. ”I am very happy that today we can announce the merger with one of the best agencies in Sweden”, says Sofi Franzén, the CEO of Eventyr, TAPAUS Group’s Swedish subsidiary. Together we become the largest company in our market in Sweden. Through the merger with Nine Yards, we enhance our service offering in B2B and B2C segments where we today meet growing demand. This is also an important strategic step in our ongoing expansion in the Nordics where we see great growth potential”, continues Sofi Franzén and refers to the merger of Eventyr and Finnish agency TAPAUS few years ago. ”I see a huge potential in the customer value Eventyr and Nine Yards can offer together. The companies complement and strengthen each other in excellent ways so that we together raise the strategic and creative bar higher. Eventyr has been for a long time one of our sharpest competitors, to whom we compare ourselves and now we together strengthen our position as the number 1, not only in Sweden but also in the Nordics. For me this is very pleasant development and at the same time a natural step, and I look forward the growth and expansion journey with TAPAUS Group“, comments Rasmus Jakobsson, Managing Director and founder of Nine Yards. The parent company of TAPAUS Group, Experimental Marketing Invest Oy acquired the entire share capital of Nine Yards in the transaction signed on 7th December 2021. Sofi Franzén continues as the CEO of Swedish operations that will employ 68 professionals in Stockholm and Göteborg. In Addition, TAPAUS Group has offices in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku, in Finland. Timo Aalto continues as the CEO of the Group, and the transaction does not affect on day-to-day business operations, staff or customer projects in Finland.

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Timo Aalto CEO, TAPAUS timo.aalto@tapaus.fi +358 400 801 205 www.tapaus.fi TAPAUS is the largest event marketing agency in the Nordics including also Swedish event agencies Eventyr Ab and Nine Yards Ab. TAPAUS was founded in 2012, and today the group employs over 170 experiential marketing professionals passioned about their work. TAPAUS is specialized in various physical and virtual events in the Nordics and globally. We plan and execute corporate-, employee-, consumer-, influencer- and stakeholder events, exhibitions, and space planning. TAPAUS organizes annually over 1000 events, which have already been executed nearly in 30 countries. www.tapaus.fi and www.eventyr.se

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